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Volume 5  To Touch a Dream

Volume 5
To Touch a Dream


The Oarsman

You can find more complete and detailed information within
The Reader's Companion to the Year of the Red Door.
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Bodwin -- (Sally Bodwin) Girl of Hill Town in the late Second Age. Daughter of Niels Bodwin and goddaughter of Martin Makeig.*

Glareth -- One of the Seven Realms, located in the northeastern coasts and borders the Old Eastlands Realm. Its chief city is Glareth by the Sea. Renown for its maritime trades, it is closely allied with Vanara and has strong trade ties to Duinnor. *   (See Map of Glareth)

Grisland Island -- An almost barren island off the coast of Tracia. Between it and the mainland is the treacherous Grisland Strait. The island is sparsely treed and has very little fresh water.*   (See Map of Tracia)

Grisland Strait -- A strait off the coast of Tracia between the mainland and Grisland Island. It is generally avoided by larger vessels due to its narrow and somewhat shallow channel, susceptible to erratic and dangerous tidal currents, and its opposing shores are strewn with treacherous rocks. It was the site of a naval battle between remnants of the Tracian Royal Navy and the Redvest Navy of the Triumvirate.(See Grisland Strait, Battle of.)
   (See Map of Tracia)

Grisland Strait, Battle of -- A naval engagement that took place in the Grisland Strait between the Tracian Royal Navy (loyal to Prince Lantos) and that of the Triumvirate in the year 856 S.A.. It followed only a few days after the rescue of Loyalist forces fleeing from their defeat at the Battle of the Marshlands.*

Lantos -- Prince of Tracia of the House of Bayberry, who, with his older brother Lewtrah, ruled Tracia immediately prior to the revolution and overthrow by the Triumvirate. *

Marshlands -- (The Battle of the Marshlands) The last major land battle between Tracian Loyalist forces and Redvest forces of the Triumvirate. The battle itself was a victory for the Redvests, soundly defeating the Loyalists and putting them into retreat. However, taken as a whole, the battle is often considered a draw since the Loyalists were able to avoid annihilation and, for the most part, escape capture.*   (See Map of Tracia)

Redvests -- A name for the soldiers of the Triumvirate of Tracia due to their reddish surcoats, capes, and tunics.

Tracia -- One of the Seven Realms, located to the southeast of the world along the coasts where Men first settled. Its chief city is Forlandis. In the late Second Age, Tracia suffered a series of revolts and uprisings, culminating in the overthrow of the Ruling Prince by the so-called Triumvirate and its army of Redvests (named for the color of their uniforms).*   (See Map of Tracia)

Triumvirate -- Also known as the Redvest Triumvirate for the reddish uniforms, surcoats, tunics, and banners of its soldiers. The Redvest Triumvirate is a trio of rulers that took power in Tracia in 853 S.A. during the civil war that drove out the Tracian Ruling Prince Lewtrah and his brother Prince Lantos after years of unrest.*

Winterford -- Young man of Martin Makeig's Hill Town people. Winterford was a midshipman under Makeig aboard the Golden Swallow. He was aboard during the Battle of Grisland Strait and was with Makeig's surviving group after the loss of their ship and during their subsequent escape from Tracia. He and his fellow shipmates eventually settled in Hill Town, in the Thunder Mountains.

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*Many of these entries are abridged versions of those found within
The Reader's Companion
to the
Year of the Red Door.

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