A Note from the Cartographers

The geography and place names depicted on the following maps are generally accepted to be accurate as of the year of their preparation (869 Second Age). Distances are approximate, given the scales of the maps. However, these are only intended to give a general sense of the scale and relationship of the various regions and features. They are not intended for travel or navigation. Any mishaps as a result from the use of these maps for such purposes of travel are the responsibility of the user, not the mapmakers.

For maps more suitable for travel within particular regions of the world, all interested parties are invited to inquire at our establishment.

Brannon & Gray Cartographers
No. 16, Miller's Pond Lane
Duinnor City

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World Map

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Map of County Barley

For details about how to obtain a print copy of one of these maps, contact us via the email address below.

Sectional Maps

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Nasakeeria & Middlemount

The Carthanes


Vanara & Shatuum

Forest Islindia & Surrounding Region

The Thunder Mountains

The Western Parts of the Old Eastlands Realm

The Eastern Parts of the Old Eastlands Realm

The Dragonlands




Siege of Tallin City

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